10 March lottery sambad 1 PM Result

Are you waiting for 10 March lottery sambad 1 pm results? All Indians have the chance to win cash prizes every day thanks to the Nagaland State Lottery Result Today at 1 pm. Every day at approximately 1 pm, lottery sambad is released. You only need one lottery sambad ticket to compete in the 1 pm lottery sambad.

You have a fantastic possibility to win a sizable sum of money in only one minute with the Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 1 pm. The lottery sambad outcomes at 1 pm provide a large number of prizes. The 1 crore grand prize is up for grabs in today’s 1 pm lottery sambad results. You must play the lottery sambad if you want to win one crore in a single day.

10 March Lottery Sambad 1 PM Result Announcement

If you would like to know the outcome of the 10 March Lottery Sambad Today 1 PM Result luck draw game and you have tickets, then contact us. If so, you’ve come to the correct spot since we will be posting the results of today’s 1 PM lottery sambad on this blog post. You may now access comprehensive facts regarding the Arunachal Pradesh lottery results for today’s 1 PM draw. You can visit Lottery Sambad’s official website for additional details.

StateWest Bengal (INDIA)
Name of LotteryNagaland State Lottery
Draw Number48
Lottery Fix Time1 PM
Lottery Typelottery sambad 1 baje wala Result
1st bumber Prize1 Crore
Result Date10-03-2024
Status of ResultsAvailable

10 March Lottery Sambad 1 pm Prize List

1st Prize Rs- 1 Crore
2nd PrizeRs- 9000/-
3rd PrizeRs- 500/-
4th PrizeRs- 250/-
5th PrizeRs- 120/-

lottery sambad 10 Tarik wala Result Prize winner Number’s

10 march lottery sambad 1 pm results
1st Prize Winner number75J 43014
2nd Prize Winner number14363
3rd Prize Winner number00852 09439 12270 21298 41164 57353 66210 71820 73001 88402
4th Prize Winner number0722 1109 4452 5325 7585 8412 8778 9335 9501 9727
5th Prize Winner number0082 1131 1220 3139 4509 6149 6335 6993 8092 8802

Dear Lottery 1 PM Result List

Dear Lottery Old Result 1 PM, has been released by the Nagaland State Lottery Department. Here you can find the results with the mentioned Date of the last 30 days. For more information visit below.

Dear Lottery 5 Tarik Result

Lottery Sambad 8. 3. 2024

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