Lottery Sambad 17 Tarik Atta Today 1 PM Result

Discovering the Lottery Sambad 17 Tarik Atta Today 1 PM Result promises a moment of anticipation, hope, and potential transformation. As the clock strikes 1 PM, eager participants eagerly await the outcome, envisioning dreams materializing with each drawn number. I know you are finding the results for Lottery Sambad 17 Tarik Atta. Then you come to the right place because you can get the latest updates about lottery sambad results daily here. if you have tickets for today’s 1 pm lottery sambad, you can get results easily without any problems.

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 8 pm

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 8 pm

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 8 pm

10 March lottery sambad 8 PM Result

Lottery Sambad 17 Tarik Atta 1 PM Results

Why did you come here? this answer to this question is because you need the result of Lottery Sambad 17 Tarik Atta at 1 pm. Because you are the participant in the Nagaland state lottery lucky draw game. Now you can get access to full information of today dear lottery results for 1 pm. You can now see the complete Arunachal Pradesh lottery results for today’s 1 PM draw. For more information, see Lottery Sambad’s official website.

StateWest Bengal (INDIA)
Name of LotteryNagaland State Lottery
Draw Number48
Lottery Fix Time6 PM
Lottery Typelottery sambad 6 baje wala Result
1st bumber Prize1 Crore
Result Date17-03-2024
Status of Resultsun-Available

15 tarik lottery sambad today 6 pm Prize List

1st Prize Rs- 1 Crore
2nd PrizeRs- 9000/-
3rd PrizeRs- 500/-
4th PrizeRs- 250/-
5th PrizeRs- 120/-

Dear lottery 17 tarik Evening Result Winner Number

Lottery Sambad 17 Tarik Atta
1st Prize Winner number34A 71149
2nd Prize Winner number31306
3rd Prize Winner number13186 21169 24193 26314 53545 65169 66118 73871 76841 97469
4th Prize Winner number2250 2449 3701 3830 4675 6205 6311 6504 8747 9237
5th Prize Winner number0178 0429 2358 4789 6332 7299 7460 7635 7648 9014

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today Released Times

The Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 1 pm is related, but the Lottery sambad Department also released two more results daily. More information about the results time is mentioned below.

First Resulta time1 PM
Second Results Time6 PM
Thrid Result Time8 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Result 1 PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
SundayDear Yamuna
MondayDear Dwarka
TuesdayDear Godavari
WednesdayDear Indus
ThursdayDear Mahanadi
FridayDear Meghna
SaturdayDear Narmada

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