Lottery Sambad Actor Result 2 Tarik 6 PM

I know why you are coming here because you have tickets for today’s lottery sambad actor result at 6 pm. It’s a golden opportunity for you are participate in lottery sambad because this lucky draw game provides an opportunity to win 1 crore. Today 6 PM results of the Nagaland state lottery are issued at 5.50 pm. Every Indian citizen can participate in a lottery sambad lucky draw game with a 7 INR price ticket.

The Lottery Sambad Actor Result 1st prize of 1 crore,2nd Prize of 9000 Rupees, 3rd Prize of 450 Rupees, 4th Prize of 250 Rupees, and 5th Prize of 120 Rupees. Nagaland Lottery Sambad Department of West Bengal govt issues all prizes every day. lottery sambad every day 3-time annconed results its official website.

Lottery sambad 02 03 24

Lottery sambad 02 03 24 Today 1 pm Result

Lottery sambad 02 03 24 Today 1 pm Result

Nagaland State Lottery Today 1 pm

Lottery Sambad Actor Result 6 PM

If you have tickets for today’s 6 p.m. Lottery Sambad Actor Result luck draw game and want to get information about the results. Then you come to the right place because we are publishing today’s 6 PM lottery sambad results in this blog post. we are already publishing today’s 1 P.m. lottery sambad results in the last post. Now you can get full details information about today’s 6 PM Arunachal Pradesh lottery sambad results. For more information, you can check mention details in table form.

Lottery Sambad Actor Result
StateWest Bengal (INDIA)
Name of LotteryNagaland State Lottery
Draw Number48
Lottery Fix Time6 PM
Lottery Typelottery sambad 1 baje wala Result
1st bumber Prize1 Crore
Result Date02-03-2024
Status of ResultsUn-Available

Lottery Sambad Evening 6 pm Prize List

1st Prize Rs- 1 Crore
2nd PrizeRs- 9000/-
3rd PrizeRs- 500/-
4th PrizeRs- 250/-
5th PrizeRs- 120/-

lottery sambad 2 Tarik wala Result Prize winner number’s

1st Prize Winner number87E 63714,
2nd Prize Winner number10873
3rd Prize Winner number 02578, 03292, 24044, 33731, 40915, 41929, 43775, 63893, 96624, 98192
4th Prize Winner number0191, 1406, 2977, 3843, 5361, 6263, 7057, 7537, 7631, 8808
5th Prize Winner number0055, 1874, 4607, 55512, 6173, 3694, 42672, 79793, 39374

Dear Lottery Result Today Released Time

The Dear Lottery Sambad released results at various times every day.

First Lucky draw results Released time1 pm (Morning)
Second Lucky draw results Released time6 pm (Evening)
Thrid Lucky draw results Released time8 pm (Night)

Dear Lottery Result Today 6 PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
SundayDear Sea
MondayDear Desert
TuesdayDear Wave
WednesdayDear Hill
ThursdayDear Lake
FridayDear Mountain
SaturdayDear River

Names of Nagaland State Lottery Sambad

  • Dear Flamingo Weekly Lottery Result
  • Dear Ostrich Weekly Lottery Result
  • Dear Hawk Weekly Lottery Result
  • Dear Falcon Weekly Lottery Result
  • Dear Vulture Weekly Lottery Result
  • Dear Parrot Weekly Lottery Result
  • Dear Eagle Weekly Lottery Result

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